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Deco Mid Watches Inspire You To Do It All

The MICHELE Deco Mid watch has everything you love about our iconic Deco but in a petite silhouette. Though smaller in size, these beautiful watches make a big difference in your wardrobe. The classic rectangle design gives you timeless style that lasts season after season while hand-set diamonds make these stunning timepieces a luxurious part of your day. You’ve done the work, taken the risks and faced the challenges it takes to create the life you love. Settling for the expected or what’s easy has never been part of your plan and you make choices everyday that will get you one step closer to achieving your most recent goal. Let Deco Mid watches motivate you and inspire you to push yourself to the limit everyday and do it in style. Working hard doesn’t mean that you ignore everything else or have to sacrifice your style. It means that you give every area of your life 110% in a way that makes you feel your best. If that means wearing full makeup to the gym because you want to – go for it! If it means spending an evening at home ordering in so you can take a breather – do it! Who you are, what you’re doing and where you’re going are important and you know how to balance it all in style with a Deco Mid watch.

Deco Mid Watch Designs Embrace Your Success

Designed by women and for women, the MICHELE Deco Mid watch affirms who you are at your best. However you define your best self – checking things off your to do list, vacationing at your favorite resort, hitting your workout goals – we are here for it. We know that you put in the effort everyday and have accomplished great things in your life. It’s time to reward yourself with one of our beautiful Deco Mid watches. The classic design of these watches ensures that they stay relevant and fresh so you’ll always be proud to show them off. Embrace your bold, feminine style and spark joy in your everyday with our luxurious Deco Mid watches.