Jackie Roque

Blogger, Dash of Panache

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Dash of Panache Blog is a bi-coastal fashion + lifestyle blog based in Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA. I created Dash of Panache Blog as a creative outlet to express my inspirations, personal style and love for all things beautiful. Here you will find little bits and pieces of my favorite things in life- from fashion and interior design to travel and lifestyle. My hope is to have this be a space for people to gain inspiration to create something beautiful of their own- all centered on positivity and love with a little dash of panache.

What is your MICHELE story?

Back in high school/college, one of my first jobs was working retail, and being exposed to brands nonstop, I started to appreciate subtle differences in design, especially with watches. I remember seeing this one particular watch that jumped out at me, yet I was never able to see the exact brand. Until one day my eye caught the MICHELE case, and I saw the watch-the Deco Diamond-and immediately fell in love with all of the MICHELE watches. Right then and there, I decided I would save part of my paycheck every month until I had enough to buy my own MICHELE watch and I have never looked back!

Why did you choose the Deco?

I knew that it was important to invest in a classic piece that I could wear every day. I love the fact that the style allows me to wear it with jeans and a t-shirt during the day, yet still have that sense of elegance when I pair it with a pretty dress and heels at night.

What do you love best about your MICHELE?

My MICHELE watch reminds me the importance of setting goals, and rewarding yourself when you achieve them. I love that it was the first investment piece that I bought myself, and as a strong, independent woman, that's a powerful fact I'll always wear with me. This watch has traveled the world with me, and no matter what, this watch will always be my first.