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20 Years of the Deco

the deco chronicles

Over the past 20 years, the Deco has beautifully transcended through generations of women with its timeless style and longevity, becoming a symbol of accomplishment and empowerment. To celebrate, we asked a few of our favorite MICHELE women to share their MICHELE story and what makes their Deco unlike any other.

Style influencer Monica Awe-Etuk wearing high-fashion suit with her two-tone Deco watch in stainless and 18k gold along with several bracelets.

Monica Awe-Etuk


What Makes the Deco Timeless?

"The silhouette of the watch makes it timeless. It's not fussy, but sleek, and just elegant, making it a watch that you can wear over and over again with anything. I love the fact that you can switch out the straps, and I love the two-tone metal."

Style influencer Caroline Bramlett wearing summery outfit with. her Deco watch in stainless.

Caroline Bramlett


What Do You Love Most About Your Deco?

"I love how I never have to take it off! My Deco goes with everything from casual beach looks to black-tie weddings! It is always a conversation starter—I especially love when someone spots it and shares their own MICHELE watch!"

Style influencer Davida Janae wearing a cute and casual outfit with her two-tone Deco watch in stainless and 18k gold.

Davida Janae


How Did You Receive Your First Deco Watch and What Do You Love Most About It?

"I was so excited. It was a milestone celebration receiving my watch. I had it on my vision board for years so to finally own one was very special. I love the feeling I get wearing it. It's a showstopper, always gets compliments and knowing the value of it to me I will cherish forever."

Style influencer Brittney Blane wearing cozy sweater along with her two-tone Deco watch in stainless and 18k pink gold.

Brittney Blane


What is Something You Hope For in the Next 20 Years for MICHELE Women?

"That she continues to spread love and kindness never forgetting the power of compassion that lies within us all. If she does this, not only will she have lived two decades she should be immensely proud of, but when it comes to making the world around her a better place, she cannot fail."

Style influencer Mireille Beckwith wearing colorful blazer and fashionable skirt with her Deco watch in stainless.

Mireille Beckwith


How Did You Receive Your Deco?

"A few years into blogging and making money doing it, I bought my first MICHELE watch with my first substantial paycheck. It was an investment in quality, and a promise to myself to invest in brands that I believe in, including my own."

Style influencer Kristin Leahy wearing casual sweater and luxe purse with her Deco watch in 18k gold.

Kristin Leahy


What Makes the Deco Timeless?

"The design of the Deco is unmatched. It's classic and fitting for any season or occassion. It makes a statement witout confining to current trends which I believe makes it such a timeless piece. It instantly dresses up any look but never looks 'too dressy'. It's an every day staple for me!"