Caroline Bramlett

Blogger, LCBStyle

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I began immersing myself into the world of blogging and launched my fashion and style blog, LCB Style, just over three years ago. What began as an outlet to document my fashion and style findings in high school has grown into a home for sharing my personal style and creative work (fashion illustrations, acrylic painting, and digital publications) as a college apparel design student.

Being a girl from the South, blogging has opened doors around the world introducing me to new places, new ideas, and new people.
I dream of world travels, blush pink peonies, and runway shows. My MICHELE has accompanied me and been the perfect accessory throughout my fashion journey.

What is your MICHELE story?

I received my MICHELE watch, the Deco with diamond dial, as a gift from my sweet parents for Christmas in 2012. I immediately fell in love with it, and have worn it on my wrist each day since.

Why did you choose the Deco two-tone with diamond dial?

I chose the Deco for its pretty geometric shape and the statement it makes on my wrist. I love how it stands out among my other accessories and how it perfectly pairs classic style with contemporary relevance.

What do you love best about your MICHELE?

The design of MICHELE watches is effortlessly chic and timeless, but I love that I get to make my MICHELE watch my own by adapting the strap to my look for the day, the season, or my travels.