Perri Rothenberg


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I'm a traveling creative whose passions lie within all elements of design and culture, often influenced by travel, exploration and language. While studying abroad in Europe, I created WHERE IS PER, a photo-centric travel journal whose mission is to emphasize the art of travel through enriching experiences. WHERE IS PER is meant to be an inspirational guide to get out and explore the world in which we live.

After receiving my BFA in fashion marketing, I decided to move across the world to Germany to pursue a career as an editor for a travel company. Travel is now a part of my everyday life and I make sure to venture to new destinations as often as possible.

What is your MICHELE story?

Timepieces are especially meaningful to me, which is why my parents generously gifted me a MICHELE watch for my high school graduation gift. In addition to the watch, my parents had a handwritten note stating "Time is the only thing that cannot be replaced in life, make sure to enjoy every second of it." I embrace this on a daily basis and this is just another reason why I hope to encourage my followers to fulfill their life with irreplaceable experiences.

Why did you choose the Urban Mini Diamond, Black Diamond Dial?

I chose the Urban Mini Diamond with Black Diamond Dial because it was the perfect mix of modern sophistication that can be both dressed up for a black tie event or dressed down for a more casual occasion. I wanted a versatile timepiece that could be mixed and matched for any situation. Since I travel quite frequently, I try to pack as little as possible.

What do you love best about your MICHELE?

My MICHELE watch is unique to my personality, I pair it with different bracelets and rings to give it a different look no matter where I am in the world. It also blends in effortlessly with any outfit on any occasion without lacking luster or impeccable details.