Christina Akomea

Blogger, Just Missed the Runway

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It was after my return to New York City from Philadelphia that I decided to take up fashion blogging. Before then, I had always enjoyed fashion and playing dress-up, so I thought returning home to NYC would be the perfect opportunity to start blogging.

When I set out to launch my personal blog over three years ago, I had no idea what I was doing or what opportunities would be birthed from my hobby. However, three years later, I have been able to work with some of my favorite brands and meet phenomenal people whom I now call friends. Fashion blogging is no longer a hobby, it's a lifestyle!

What is your MICHELE story?

I bought my second MICHELE watch, the Deco Mid, Diamond Dial, the last semester of my senior year in college. I was afforded a grant that was a little more than I needed for school. I wanted to reward myself for all of the hard work I accomplished as a student athlete, so as a graduation present, I bought the MICHELE Deco Mid.

Why did you choose the Deco Mid?

My first MICHELE was the Tahitian Jelly Bean watch. Because I was graduating from college and entering the corporate world, I needed something more professional and classic. The Deco Mid is the perfect shape for any career woman.

What do you love best about your MICHELE?

The MICHELE Deco Mid is timeless. After wearing it for more than five years, I still get compliments on it. While the Deco Mid, Diamond Dial is quite classic, it is still an attention grabber. It can also easily transition from office to weekend wear. It's stood the test of time, even between international travels and countless hand washes.